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NFT and Crypto News – Can it be Decentralized
SHERIDAN, Wyo. (PRWEB) July 21, 2022
The (A Plague NFT creation) goes live today with the long-term goal of creating a decentralized news service.
"The version of The WAGMI Report launched today is not decentralized" said Pons Asinorum, founder of The Plague NFT and of The WAGMI Report. "We are working towards that goal. The first step is to replace the news you see because Twitter wants you to see it, and to replace the narratives that Twitter influencers are pushing on you. Neither Twitter nor the vast majority of NFT and Crypto influencers are delivering information and news that benefits you. They are delivering information and news that benefits themselves and their own bank accounts. The WAGMI report’s mission is to deliver information that benefits the consumer.”
The WAGMI Report will aggregate and curate news from other news sites, and uniquely it will gather information and news from Twitter itself. “If you want to be in front of the NFT and Crypto news Twitter is where the action is”, said Pons, “and our goal is to be a replacement news source where NFT and Crypto traders can quickly look and get a snapshot of what is happening around Web3, without having to spend hours on Twitter to stay in touch with the market.”
The got its inspiration from the well-known political website “Whether you like the politics from Drudge or not, you can’t argue with its effectiveness. It is clean, well-organized, and it is always in-touch with the latest happenings around the world. That is exactly how we plan to operate at The WAGMI Report”, stated Pons.
Over time The plans on creating a process that curates news in a decentralized manner, with the hopes of building a new way of delivering news to the consumer. That is the what The Plague NFT is trying to do with The WAGMI Report” says Pons, “Imagine if we could actually decentralize the means of curating and delivering news using the blockchain, and in the process create an environment where YOU choose what news is right for you. We will never be able to fully eliminate bias, but what if we could mitigate it or even overcome it? That is our end goal. Maybe we succeed, maybe we don’t. But it will be a great experiment!”
To find out more visit or check out The Plague NFT at or on Twitter by visiting The Plague Account or Pons Asinorum's TwitterAccount
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