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(IDEX Online) – A gold and emerald ring is to be sold at Sotheby's, together with its twin NFT (non-fungible token).
The buyer “will own the piece in both the physical world and in the metaverse,” say Metagolden, the jewelry, fashion, art and NFT emporium that created the piece.
Metagolden says it anchors luxury physical investments to NFTs to authenticate them and to provide long-term value to the buyer.
The physical ring (pictured) was inspired, according to Metagolden, by “the intercontinental rocket launches that typically span upwards of 16 hours, which would be curtailed to approximately thirty minutes via up-and-coming space programs like Elon Musk's SpaceX”.
The online Art as Jewelry as Art Sale features physical jewelry pieces by Picasso and Salvador Dalí, as well a Metagolden's Ethereum Expedition ring.
The sale runs from September 24th to October 4th.


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