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PRESS RELEASE. Taipei, Taiwan – August 17, 2022: PetaRush, the world’s first NFT game characters with their own BGM debuted today in Taipei, Taiwan. This not only establishes a new benchmark for Web3 games but also highlights new possibilities for cross-industry NFT applications.
PetaRush, Asia’s first cross-IP blockchain game, announced a strategic partnership with Melos Studio, the world’s leading NFT music platform. Melos Studio will use AI generation technology to create a unique BGM soundtrack for each NFT character in PetaRush. When a player wins a race with the NFT, the BGM of that NFT will be played at the venue, providing the player with a musical experience like John Cena’s entrance theme song.
PetaRush is a racing game that features NFT characters. Developed by METASENS, a Web3 gaming platform, PetaRush focuses on the “cross-IPs play together” feature, which supports NFTs from different projects to interact with each other in the game. Players will be able to use their NFT art collections to create 3D characters for playing in the game. PetaRush will further support “cross-IP derivation” and “cross-chain empowerment” to generate more powerful and changeable NFT game characters for players.
Melos Studio is committed to build the most ecologically sound music NFT platform, with strategic investment from Binance Labs and funding from Dapper Labs, Innovion, NGC Ventures, and Multichain Capital, with over a million users worldwide. Its Metis AI Workshop enables users to create music NFTs; its Sonus NFT technology transforms image NFTs into music NFTs; Virtual Band enables co-creation between creators and renowned musicians; and DNA Tree provides music creators with a portion of sales through zonal chain technology.
METASENS is a Web3 gaming platform combined with an NFT marketplace, funded by Hong Kong Listco Imperium Technology Group. METASENS aims to provide an open GameFi platform, and build a Universal Amusement Park for players worldwide. METASENS currently owns several blockchain games, with the governance token MSU to build a sustainable token-economic ecosystem.
Melos Studio will use its Sonus NFT technology to create a custom BGM for each of PetaRush’s NFT game characters after the two parties collaborate. When a player wins the game, all of the other players will hear the champion’s exclusive BGM. In the future, players will be able to create their own NFT soundtracks using the Melos Studio platform.
A powerful collaboration to define Web3’s gameplay will be open for demo at the end of August.
The organizers announced that each attendee would receive a PetaRush NFT character as a gift to demonstrate NFT’s utility in various industries. The attendees each took out their mobile phones and registered their wallets to witness the display of “the world’s first NFT game character with its own BGM” on the screen.
The producer of PetaRush, Rhine Tan, stated, “The game is not only unique in its core gameplay but also supported by the METASENS token economy and exchange, allowing players to enjoy the convenient and friendly Web3 services ranging from minting to earning and trading. Moreover, the game is currently compatible with both Free to Play and Play to Earn. So whether you are new to the blockchain games or an experienced player seeking ‘play to earn’, you will enjoy PetaRush.”
Yalu, the CEO of Melos Studio, mentioned, “Melos is committed to constructing an ecologically complete music NFT platform and is currently collaborating with PetaRush to expand the application of music NFT to the Web3 gaming industry. In addition, Melos Studio will provide innovative services not only to music creators but also to gamers in the future, strengthening the entire NFT ecosystem.”
Chen Yourong, vice president of METASENS, stated: “The PetaRush team begins with developing games and will continue to implement cross-industry, cross-IP, and cross-chain applications by combining the services provided by the METASENS platform, including marketplace trading, blind box minting, token claiming, and cross-chain empowerment. In September, we will also announce the results of our collaboration with the Asian Blue Chip Project and renowned IPs, and we look forward to shaping the Web3 gaming landscape with our community of players and partners.”
The PetaRush demo version will be available worldwide by the end of August. Players can get a head start on the Web3 train by following the trial application on METASENS Discord.
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METASENS is a Web3 gaming platform funded by Hong Kong-listed Imperial Technology Group. It owns a Web3 gaming platform, an NFT marketplace, and a variety of blockchain games, with the governance token MSU along with the game token to build a sustainable token-economic ecosystem. METASENS team also provides technical support and guidance for blockchain game development and promotion. METASENS aims to provide an open GameFi platform, and build a Universal Amusement Park for players worldwide.
About Melos Studio
Melos is a decentralized Web 3.0 music collaboration platform for music creators and fans. Accessible on the ETH, BSC and FLOW blockchains, Melos offers a unique, create-to-earn, music ecosystem that provides a plethora of tools and features, allowing for the creation of ‘one-of-one’ works of art. These unique tools also give fans the ability to collaborate with their favorite artists—taking NFTs to the next level.
Melos Studio Website:
Press Contact
Anita Tseng
METASENS Marketing Manager
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